3 New Items Are Available from Today!

New items for 2022 Spring/Summer are available from today!

They are functional yet joyful tools to enrich your handcrafting time.


Iida Mizuhiki Sewing Pins ¥1,540

This sewing pin is decorated with Iida Mizuhiki decoration called Awaji-dama.

Mizuhiki has been handed down as a traditional handcraft of Nagano Prefecture.

Each set comes in 3 sewing pins: a calm dark color, a bright light color, and a sparkling white color with glitters.


Awaji Kawara Magnetic Needle Rest with Needle Polisher ¥3,080

Awaji is famous for Kawara,traditional Japanese roof tile pottery.

It is createdwiththe Awaji’s rich soil.

This flower motif Awaji Kawara Needle Restfeatures a magnet and needle polisher inside.


Banshu Small Thread Snips ¥4,180

<Available only at Cohana’s Nihonbashi Store and Online Store>

These snips are made in Banshu region in Hyogo, has a 250-year history as a town of cutlery.

Excellent cutting performance in handy size an overall length of 75 mm.

They don’t take up too much space

so can fit into a small pouch either in a small pocket of your bag.