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Banshu Sewing Shears with Lacquered Handles (45-191)

Banshu Sewing Shears with Lacquered Handles / Tanaka Master Co. Ltd. × Ehara Lacquer Works
Producing Regions : Hyogo × Aichi

These exquisite sewing shears are imbued with the artistry of the traditional craftsmen of the Banshu region at the heart of Hyogo Prefecture.

The smiths of the region’s Tanaka Maister Co. have been handcrafting high-quality blades since 1955. Known for their exceptional sharpness and stability, Banshu blades are easy to sharpen, maintaining their original edge.

With handles decorated by our partners at Ehara Lacquer Works of Nagoya, each set of sewing sheers displays the elegance of traditional Buddhist lacquerware typically reserved for shrines and temples. Smooth fitting and easy to use, the warm lacquer handles are as functional as they are beautiful.

Each set of shears comes in a leather case with gilt tassels, protected by a cloth wrapping dyed in the traditional style of textiles of the Banshu region.

Product Size

※All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.

Length 220mm
Blade Length 90mm
Width 70mm
Thickness 12mm

Handling Precautions

  • The blades are sharp, so please handle with care.
  • If the scissors get wet, wipe off well to prevent rusting.
  • Forcibly cutting hard objects can cause the blade to engage poorly or damage the blade.
  • Dropping or impacting the product may cause damage.
  • To prevent the blade from rusting, lightly wipe the blade with a cloth containing oil after use and store it in a case.
  • This product is for thread and cloth only. Do not use it for anything other than thread or cloth.
  • The case is made of genuine leather and may stretch slightly. Getting wet with water or sweat may cause the color to fade or stain.
  • If you are concerned about oil or fingerprints on the lacquer part, gently wipe it off with the attached cloth.
  • Avoid storing in hot, humid and direct sunlight as lacquer may discolor.
  • Do not polish with a coarse cloth or abrasive as it may cause scratches.
  • Lacquer may get irritated depending on your constitution. If you feel any abnormality, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.