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Bag Set : Ukigami Memo Pad and Mini Colored Pencils (Japan Blue)(45-222)

A beautiful blue handbag is perfect to carry Ukigami Memo Pad and Mini Colored Pencils. Bring Japan Blue for your creative time. Also good for a casual outing with a paper book to read.


A set of handbag made of soft cotton that matches the beautiful blue-colored “Ukigami Memo Pad (2.5 mm Grid)” and “Mini Colored Pencils in Ukigami Box”.

The cover of the Memo Pad and the case for the colored pencils are made of Echizen washi. The surface of the paper is uneven with a cute sewing pin motif.
Ukigami Memo Pad lays complete 180 degree flat when opened, making sketching, designing, or note-taking effortless and enjoyable.
The wooden colored pencils are made by one of Japan’s oldest pencil manufacturers, specializing in writing instruments.

This portable set is perfect for creative activities on the go, such as jotting down designs, sketches, and notes.

Ukigami Memo Pad
Unlike most notebooks, the Ukigami Memo Pad lays complete 180 degree flat when opened, making sketching, designing, or note-taking effortless and enjoyable. This “flat-opening” book binding is an original patented technology of Nakamura Printing Co. Ltd. , founded in Tokyo in 1938.

Inner 80 pages are made of a smooth paper with a 2.5 mm grid excellent for sketching and design work, as scaling can be easily calculated.

6 colored pencils

Producing Regions

Tokyo × Fukui × Osaka


Memo Pad|Nakamura Printing Co. Ltd. / Kita-ku, Tokyo
A printing factory established in Asakusa in 1938. After hundreds of prototypes, the veteran craftsmen of the downtown area have created a patented “Flat Open” bookbinding technique.

Ukigami|Yamatsugi Paper / Echizen city, Fukui
Ukigami is a unique type of Echizen washi with embossed patterns on its surface, created by the Yamatsugu Paper Mill in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. It is a unique type of Echizen washi developed by Yamatsugu Paper Mill in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. The process of making washi produces unique and beautiful texture.

Colored pencils|CAMEL PENCIL MFG CO.,LTD. / Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Camel Pencil Manufacturing, established in 1939 in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, is one of Japan’s oldest pencil manufacturers specializing in writing instruments.

Bag|ichimaruni/Nakazaki-cho, Osaka
“Ichimaruni” represents the number 102, which sounds same as the word “人に” also means “for people” in Japanese.
Bags for the People
Ichimaruni creates bags that are close to the person who carries them and that value “a sense of presence that appears without being too assertive”.

Product Size

※All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.

Ukigami Memo Pad Length:95mm, Width:167mm, Thickness:7mm
Box of the Colored Pencils Length:63mm, Width:104mm, Thickness:18mm
Colored Pencils Length:88mm, Diameter:7.6mm
Bag Width:135mm, Height:190mm, Thickness:5mm

Handling Precautions

  • As each piece of Ukigami is made by hand, there may be some unevenness in the patterns and colors, but please enjoy the texture.
  • Water damage can cause the Ukigami washi paper to come off.
  • The surface of Ukigami is pigmented and the color may migrate to other objects when rubbed.
  • The rubber band may stretch over time and with use.
  • Placing heavy objects on top of the Ukigami box or subjecting it to impact may cause damage.
  • Do not use colored pencils for any purpose other than writing or drawing.
  • Do not lick the colored pencils or put them in your mouth.
  • Dropping or impacting the product may break the lead of the colored pencil.
  • Colored pencils have sharp tips, so please handle them with care.
  • The leather tag is made of genuine leather and may stretch slightly.
  • If the handbag and leather tag get wet with water or sweat, it will cause the color to fade or stain.
  • Do not expose the product to direct sunlight, high temperatures, or high humidity.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.