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Set : Ohajiki Sewing Pins and Cypress Pincushion Necklace (Sakura)(45-196)

Beautiful set of SAKURA color Ohajiki Sewing Pins and Cypress Pincushion. Silk is used for the pincushion. This set includes a leather cord to enjoy the pincushion as a necklace right away!


A set of Ohajiki Sewing Pins and Cypress Pincushion Necklace in SAKURA pink!
The fragrant wood is sourced from hinoki cypress from the Kii Mountains. Smooth silk, which is quite comfy to prick with pins, is used for the fabric of the pincushion.
Ohajiki Sewing Pins bring delightful feel with its delicate expression of spring. This set includes a leather cord to enjoy the pincushion as a necklace right away!

Producing Regions

Tokyo × Nara × Hiroshima


Ohajiki Sewing Pins|Plants Beads Studio / Kokubunnji CIty, Tokyo
Plants Beads Works, established in Kokubunji, Tokyo in 2011.
While creating various forms of glasswork, the artisan came to learn that in old days some people used to carry an Ohajiki as an amulet to expel evil spirits away, so he became interested in Ohajiki as a subject of his creation. Since then, his creation has been mainly focused on making original Ohajiki. Ohajiki motif glass bead heads have distinctive delicate patterns with gentle colors. The unique patterns of Ohajiki are determined in flames with true craftsmanship.

Cypress Pincushion Base|Nakauchi / Katsuragi City, Nara
Founded in 1914 as a manufacturer of buttons.
The company utilizes its know-how cultivated through the planning of a wide variety of materials and parts, as well as its long experience in handling accessories for clothing, in the pursuit of beauty and creativity.


Product Size

※All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.

Ohajiki Sewing Pins

Length 37mm
Pin’s Thickness 0.5mm
Top Diameter 5mm
Top Thickness 2mm

Cypress Pincushion

Diameter 33mm
Height 35mm

Handling Precautions

  • Since they are handmade, there are slight differences in size and pattern.
  • The top of the sewing pin may come off if you pull too strong.
  • Wipe off sweat and grease after use.
  • The needle tip is sharp and dangerous, so be careful when handling lost needles.
  • Please note that using it for anything other than sewing may cause damage or injury.
  • Due to the characteristics of the fabric, a hole may be made in the fabric when a thick needle is pricked.
  • Be careful not to let the needle get inside the pin cushion.
  • This product is for needle stick only. Please do not use it for other purposes.
  • The base is made of natural wood, so the color and grain of the wood may vary depending on the product.
  • Please note that the wooden base may crack or deform if placed in a high temperature or humid place.
  • The wooden base may get sticky due to the resin of the hinoki. Wipe it off with alcohol to remove the stickiness.
  • The tag and cord for neckless are made of genuine leather, so they may stretch a little. Getting wet with water or sweat may cause the color to fade or stain.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.