News 2019/10/04 

New items released! Fall of 2019

New products will be available from 10/7. Please check the product page and online store.


Cohana has added three new items in fall 2019.

The plump form of these Marking Pins with Ohajiki is adorable. The latest item in the popular canvas fabric series is the canvas fabric accessory pouch. This project bag is convenient for carrying around partially-finished works. It is made using durable washi that has been carefully dyed for a superb finish.

These tools add richness to the time you spend making things by hand, so please pick some up and see for yourself by all means.


Marking Pins with Ohajiki

“Ohajiki” are pieces used in a game that has been played in Japan since ancient times.
These marking pins are made using beautiful Ohajiki that evoke nostalgia.



Project Bag of Hand-dyed Washi

A project bag is a convenient bag for carrying knitted items and other works in progress or for storing works and tools together.
They stand out for their inside pockets and card rings of various sizes.
Because of the lightness, durability, and resistance to tearing of washi, this is a bag that is easy to carry around.



Waxed Canvas Accessory Pouch

This is an accessory pouch made with sturdy, light canvas fabric that has been coated with paraffin.
The more you use it, the softer it becomes, enhancing its unique texture is enhanced.
It uses the same canvas fabric as Waxed Canvas Tool Tote and Tool Case of Mikawa Momen.