News 2018/10/01 

Cohana New Products in 2018 released

We have just released the following Cohana new products in 2018.

New tools have been brought to life by the hands of Japanese craftsmen. These flower marking needles will enrich the time you spend sewing, their delicate craftsmanship shining through. Made using Ukigami, a type of raised washi paper from Echizen, this little box contains a flat-opening note pad and colored pencils, and with its easy to carry compact size, you can jot your ideas down on the go. Enjoy using these tools, made to the very highest standards.

Flower Marking Pins colored Gold, Silver and Bronze

Each pin is made from original molds produced by artisans. The metal parts are produced by cutting out a mold from wax, then taking a rubber cast from it.

Ukigami Note Pad with 2.5mm Grid Paper This Note pad opens f lat to 180°, and uses ukigami, a type of Echizen washi paper produced with unique methods, for its front cover. Because the center of the book doesn’t rise up when open, it provides a sensation just like writing on a f lat sheet of paper.

Ukigami Small Box and Colored Pencils This little drawer-style box is made from ukigami, a type of Echizen washi paper produced with unique methods. Inside you will find high-quality colored pencils produced by Camel Pencil Mfg. Founded in 1939 and located in Tokyo’s Arakawa Ward, Camel Pencil Mfg. is one of a select number of long-standing pencil manufacturers in Japan.