News 2019/04/08 

Cohana 2019SS 



◆Tool Case of Mikawa Momen◆
A roll-up tool bag made of a combination of Mikawa Momen from Aichi Prefecture and waxed canvas fabric. It can be used to store various tools, such as knitting needles and stationery items. It is handy for carrying your tools.


◆Pincushion of Mini Masu◆
A pin cushion in a tiny 15mm(0.6 inch) -square wooden box covered with a high-quality linen fabric woven in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. Comes with glass head pins
that match the  pincushion.


◆Flower Push Pins of Oyster Shell◆
Push pins that combine delicate pins from Hiroshima with oyster shells, which are famous for producing pearls. The shells are cut into flower shapes, then colored using
four traditional Japanese dyes.


◆Pincushion of Otaru Kiriko◆
A pincushion that combines the elegance of an Otaru Kiriko container with a felt ball from Hokkaido. Comes with 10 glass head pins made in Hiroshima that pass smoothly through fabric.