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Magewappa Embroidery Hoop Toolbox (Yellow & Pink 12cm)

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A "Magewappa" (box made by bending wood) and "Embroidery Hoop" bent and made by hand one by one out of thinly-shaved Japanese cedar and hinoki cypress.The handicraft of the artisan, pliability of the wood, and perfectly straight wood grain together make for a beautiful wooden curve.
We have combined this "Magewappa" and "Embroidery Hoop" together to form a beautiful wood grain toolbox. The item includes removable partitions so that the owner may divide the box as they wish for their desired uses. The lid displays a cross-stitch which gives the item the warmth of a human touch, and a real, usable embroidery hoop is included as well. The embroidery hoop can also be used as a frame for interior decorating.
The "Magewappas" were created by MOCKATS, an artisan who converted to a "wappa" craftsman from a furniture craftsman in order to spread the word of the high quality of Tottori Prefecture's Chizu cedar to the entire country. They studied under a teacher from the birthplace of the "Magewappa" craft, Akita Prefecture, and maintain a reliable quality as they demonstrate this craft to its fullest extent.
The embroidery hoop comes in two patterns: one which is 12cm, and one which is 15cm. The colors of the flower cross-stitch design on the lid are available inthe warm-colored "Coharu" and cold-colored "Aoi" varieties.

MOCKATS ×Futaba industry Region: Yazu, Tottori Prefecture, Ikoma, Nara Prefecture

<Product Size>

Length: 136mm
Width: 127mm
Thickness: 85mm

Color Variations

Magewappa Embroidery Hoop Toolbox
(Green & Blue 12cm)

Magewappa Embroidery Hoop Toolbox
(Green & Blue 15cm)

Magewappa Embroidery Hoop Toolbox
(Yellow & Pink 15cm)


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