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Marking Pins with Glass Beads

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Mysterious "tombo-dama" (glass beads), their production method already established by the Nara period (which began in 710 A.D.), using closely-guarded techniques. It is said that in the Edo period (1603-1868 A.D.), with much trade arriving from China and Europe, glass-making techniques from abroad were also entering the stream, and the production of "tombo-dama" became even more varied. Cohana's marking pins are handmade with care, one-by-one, using tombo-dama techniques. The floral designs for these tombo-dama are called "millefiori," meaning "a thousand flowers." The components are heated in the flame from a burner, and carefully shaped. The pins are made in Hiroshima, an area famous for their production, so they sew smoothly. Includes 3 .

Region:Osaka & Hiroshima

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Length: 33–35mm
Glass Beads Diameter: 5mm
Thickness: 0.5mm


Marking Pins with Flower
colored Gold, Silver and Bronze

Sewing Needle Set
for Heavy-Weight Cloth

Sewing Needle Set
for Light- to Medium-Weight Cloth