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Marking Pins with Flower colored Gold, Silver and Bronze

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Flower marking pins colored gold, silver and bronze, each made from original molds produced by artisans.

The metal parts are produced by cutting out a mold from wax, then taking a rubber cast from it.

Lighter than the brass casts that used to be commonplace, and able to produce more intricate expressions, this method was also used for things like the buttons on knit cardigans and, since the middle of 1900's, has decorated the clothes of working people.

Osaka's Ikuno Ward is near a district of clothing wholesalers, and contains many small neighborhood workshops producing buttons and accessories.


Craft Company has used rubber casting since its founding in 1963, and with the refined knowledge and technique of its artisans, it has become able to deal with orders even for complex shapes.Delicate craftsmanship shines through these tiny flowers, just 7mm in diameter. The needles are made in Hiroshima prefecture, which is famous as a producing area, and glide smoothly through fabric.

<Product Size>

Length: 37mm
motif length: 7mm
motif width: 7mm
motif thickness: 3mm
Thickness: 0.5mm


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