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Waxed Canvas Accessory Pouch (Dark Gray)

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This is an accessory pouch made with sturdy, light canvas fabric that has been coated with paraffin. The more you use it, the softer it becomes, enhancing its unique texture is enhanced. It uses the same canvas fabric as Waxed Canvas Tool Tote and Tool Case of Mikawa Momen. When you close the snap button on the inside, it turns into a pouch that is easy to carry inside a bag. It is convenient for holding small items, such as sewing tools for the classroom or essential cosmetics for the road. Then, it turns into a container for accessories when you undo the button. The bottom surface has the same dimensions as Canvas Knickknack Bag and holds three bags perfectly.

Furthermore, it can hold longer items if you stretch out the folded portion, and you can change its shape based on its use. You can enjoy two colors, as it is reversible. They are produced by Ichimaruni, who has renowned sewing technique.

Various usage scenarios were considered during a long design process in the pursuit of a simple design that is easy to use without any waste.

For organizing your desk

A compact size that fits in the palm of your hand.

You can close the snap button to carry it around.

It can be used with Waxed Canvas Tool Tote and Knickknack Bag

Waxed Canvas Accessory Pouch/Osaka


<Product Size>


【When using the pouch】Height:90mm、top:155mm

【When using Knickknack Bag】Height:100mm

【When using the longest】Height:130mm

Color Variations

Waxed Canvas Accessory Pouch

Waxed Canvas Accessory Pouch
(Dark Gray)