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Marking Pins with Flower Motif Parquet

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Parquet, Yosegi Zaiku, is the name for a traditional Japanese woodcraft technique, developed in Hakone. It's a technique of creating patterns by joining different kinds of wood pieces together.

The artisan of “Yosegi Koubou Ag” is a certificated specialist of Hokone Yosegi Zaiku Craft. With the delicate parquet technique of "Yosegi Koubou Ag" Cohana succeeded in producing beautiful flower motif pin heads for marking pins. Please enjoy exquisite beauty of combination natural wood.

Pins are supple yet durable, made in Hiroshima, a city with a 300-year history of needle production. We are very particular about the thickness and length of each needle, ensuring they easily and smoothly pierce cloth.

Marking Pins with Flower Motif Parquet/Kanagawa, Hiroshima

【Yosegi Koubou Ag】Odawara,Kanagawa

<Product Size>

Length: 35mm
Parquet Diameter: 7mm Thickness: 3mm
Thickness: 0.5mm