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Hexagonal Temari Box (Blue)

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Our latest sewing box is a wooden hexagonal box topped with a beautiful handmade small Temari ball.

Temari has a long history in Japan and developed as one of the Japanese traditional craft arts. Temari balls have been treasured and cherished as gifts that symbolize loyalty and friendship. The colorful designs represent a blessed and happy life for the receiver.

TEMARICIOUS is a handcraft shop in Tokyo established in 2014 specializing in Temari and original threads. They dye threads with flowers and plants that they found in their daily lives. Using these original threads, TEMARICIOUS adds modern and delicate tastes to the traditional Temari ball craft art.

High quality wild cherry trees in Tohoku region are used for the hexagonal box. The smooth texture and beautiful grain of the wood enhance the cuteness of the Temari ball. In Japan it is said that hexagonal shape is auspicious because it represents harmony and stability.

This Hexagonal Temari Box is perfect to store Cohana's small tools. You can use it as a small sewing box or an accessory case. It is lovely home decor suitable for any room in your home.

Hexagonal Temari Box/Tokyo


<Product Size>

Diameter: 90mm
Height: 73mm(wooden hexagonal box 50mm+Temari 23mm)

Color Variations

Hexagonal Temari Box

Hexagonal Temari Box

Hexagonal Temari Box

Hexagonal Temari Box