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Banshu Sewing Shears with Lacquer Art (Tamenuri-painting)

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The Banshu region in Hyogo Prefecture of Japan is known for its blacksmithing industry which produces notable utility knives, straight razors and a variety of shears.

“TANAKA Maister Co.Ltd.” has been in their blacksmith business in Banshu since 1955. The shears blades are stable and sharp. If the blades get dull, the original sharpness can be retained by sharpening.

The lacquer coating on the handles are applied by “Ehara urushi factory” in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture. Ehara urushi factory mainly works on traditional Buddhist lacquer altars and decorations for temples and homes. With their delicate lacquer technique, Cohana succeeded in creating muted colored lacquer coating on the handles of Sewing Shears. These lacquer coated handles are smooth texture and fit in your hand as you use.

The shears are wrapped in a high-quality Banshu-ori, yarn-dyed textile also from Hyogo. The shears come with a leather case decorated with a gold and silver tassel.

Banshu Sewing Shears with Lacquer Art/Hyogo, Aichi

【TANAKA Maister Co.Ltd.】Ono,Hyogo

【Ehara urushi factory】Nagoya,Aichi

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Blade Length:90mm