High quality handmade tools
made by the selective use of regional products and the best craftsmanship.


From a small group of craftsmen, many 'flowers' have flourished.

Cohana brand is high quality handmade tools made by the selective use of regional products and the best craftsmanship.

The brand name 'Cohana' is derived from the goddess Konohanasakuya-hime from Japanese mythology.
Konohanasakuya-hime is beautiful like the blooming of cherry tree blossoms,
and worshipped as a goddess of Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan, and symbolises prosperity.

Cohana uses traditional Japanese colors
that reflect the changing of the seasons.

  • 黄水仙 きすいせん

    The bright yellow color of daffodils. It is called 'daffodil yellow' in English, and 'jonquille' in French. It is said that the daffodil got its Japanese name ('suisen', literally meaning water sage) because its appearance of purity is like that of a sage.

  • 薔薇色 ばらいろ

    The color of roses. In Japan, happy thoughts about good events are expressed as 'a rose-colored future.'

  • 水浅葱 みずあさぎ

    A blue color with a hint of green. This pale indigo dye has a green hue, and is often called 'mizuasagi'.

  • 露草色 つゆくさいろ

    The color of Asiatic dayflowers. The water taken up by the flower is called 'aobana', which we have used to draw rough sketches for dyeing. In the old days, Japanese people used to call this 'tsukikusa', and used it to dye clothing.

  • 深川鼠 ふかがわねず

    A bright grey with a hint of blue. The English equivalent is 'sky gray'. The name of the color comes from the kimonos that fashionable young people of Kiba, Edo Fukagawa, and geishas started to wear during the Edo period. A chic color of the unique Japanese aesthetic quality, 'iki'.

Because we want our products to be enjoyed for a long time,
we are selective when it comes to materials and place of production.

made in japan

More than 60 years since its establishment ─ KAWAGUCHI's new challenge

As a long-established handcraft tool store with a head office in Nihonbashi,
we have been pursuing to create the best tools for the joy of all those who love handicraft.


NEWS 2019/10/04 

New items released! Fall of 2019

New products will be available from 10/7. Please check the product page and online store.


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Visiting Artisans 2019/10/16 

トモイ 貝釦のお花のプッシュピン

Cohanaにまつわるモノ・コト・バそして人から、日本のものづくりを伝えていく【Story】。第五回は『貝釦のお花のプッシュピン』の産地・奈良県川西町のトモイさんです。   …Read More

Visiting Artisans 2019/04/24 

クラフトカンパニー 金銀銅色のお花の待針

Cohanaにまつわるモノ・コト・バそして人から、日本のものづくりを伝えていく【Story】。第四回は『金銀銅色のお花の待針』をつくる、大阪のクラフトカンパニーさんです。 …Read More

Visiting Artisans 2018/10/26 

Nakamura Printing

The third story is about Nakamura Print is the creator of the Ukigami Note Pad from downtown Tokyo. …Read More

Visiting Artisans 2017/11/01 

Visiting Matsushima Kumihimo

The second story is about Matsushima Kumihimo in Iga, Mie Prefecture where “Shozaburo Thread Snips with Silk Iga Braid” is produced. …Read More

Visiting Artisans 2017/05/28 

Visiting OISEI Foundry

We visited OISEI Foundry that produces the Paperweight Made of Nambu Ironware in Iwate. Mizusawa-ku Haneda town where OISEI Foundry is located is a “casting town” where many casting companies are. We found the letter “OISEI Foundry” in the rich nature surrounded by the Kitakami River and the green. …Read More


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