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Kokeshi Doll Pincushion

A charming pincushion disguised as a traditional kokeshi doll from northern Japan. In snowy Tsugaru, woodworkers started carve small dolls called kokeshi as souvenirs for tourists to the region’s famous hot springs.

Kuroishi city of Aomori, the birthplace of Tsugaru Kokeshi, recently founded the Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum to immortalize the region’s wood crafts as well as to spur innovation and development on existing themes. We collaborated with the museum to produce this modern, functional twist on the traditional kokeshi doll.

We adopted the traditional sleek shape and bobbed hair of the kokeshi, interpreted in Cohana’s signature colors: yellow, pink, green and blue.
Each doll opens to reveal a hidden pincushion and comes with three quality needles from Meboso Hachirobei Shoten. The doll’s base is magnetic to easily pick up fallen pins and needles.

Pincushion inside Kokeshi Doll.
Wool can prevent the needles from rusting.

You can pick up the needle with the magnet on the bottom.

Kokeshi Doll Pincushion / Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum
Producing Region : Aomori

Product Size

※All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.

Kokeshi Doll Height 90mm, Diameter 30mm, Weight 19g
Needles Length 36.4mm, Thickness 0.71mm

Handling Precautions

  • Kokeshi dolls are made of natural wood, so there are differences in color and grain. Also, as the years go by, the white bark gradually changes to a lighter color. Please enjoy it as a texture.
  • Facial expressions are hand-painted by craftsmen, so there are individual differences.
  • It may fade when exposed to direct sunlight or strong lighting for a long time.
  • The surface is coated with lacquer, but if you polish it with wet hands or a cloth, the color may fade.When cleaning, please polish it with a dry cloth.
  • The joint may not close or loosen due to humidity or temperature changes. Please keep it closed.
  • Please use away from things that are affected by magnetism, such as personal computers, mobile phones, and electronic devices.
  • Do not use the needles for anything other than sewing.
  • The needle tip is sharp and dangerous, so be careful when handling lost needles.
  • After use, wipe off sweat and grease to prevent rust.
  • Be careful not to let the needle get stuck in the needle pincushion.
  • This product is for needle holder only. Do not use it for any other purpose.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.