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Nambu Iron Paperweight


These rustic button-motif paperweights are cast in the Nambu style of ironworking. Their solid weight is perfect for holding cloth in place for sewing or dressmaking, and add an elegant touch to the modern sewer’s toolkit. Paperweights are painted with care to maintain the distinctive smooth-but-textured look of the high-quality cast iron.

In 1975, Nambu Ironware was designated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry as a Japanese traditional craft, a rigorous designation requiring over a century of history of production and the craft being made mostly by hand for use in daily life. Today, the tradition has been passed down to the Mizusawa and Morioka regions in northern Japan, and the castings produced in these two areas are collectively known as Nambu Ironware. We source from OISEI Foundry Co., Ltd., who started operations in Mizusawa in 1923 and has maintained a tradition of innovation and excellence, giving new form to an ancient art.

Each paperweight can also be used as a pen holder for up to 4 pens. They are stackable and can be neatly stored. Collect multiple colors for a vibrant, one-of-a-kind look! Compatible with Cohana’s Brass Paperweights.

Producing Region



Nambu Iron Ware|OISEI Foundry Co., Ltd./ Mizusawa-ku, Oshu city, Iwate

OISEI Foundry Co., Ltd., started operations in Mizusawa,home of Nambu ironware, in 1923 and has maintained a tradition of innovation and excellence, giving new form to an ancient art.

Product Size

※All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.

Diameter 60mm
Height 23mm
Weight 360g

Handling Precautions

  • Can also be used as a paperweight, pen holder, or to hold a pattern for sewing.
  • The color may fade due to friction or impact due to the characteristics of the coating that brings out the texture of the cast surface.
  • Do not rub the products against each other when they are stacked. Doing so may cause color fading or color transfer.
  • Do not place it directly on the fabric or slide it over the fabric.
  • This can cause tearing of the fabric or color migration.
  • It may rust if placed in a humid place.
  • Dropping or impacting the product may cause damage.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.