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Flower Push Pins (Mother-of-Pearl) (Assorted colors)

Artisans at Tomoi Co., Ltd. in Nara craft these exquisite flower-shaped pushpins using genuine mother-of-pearl, perfect for affixing pictures and memos to bulletin boards, walls, and workspaces.

Tiny flowers are cut from the inner shell of Akoi pearl oysters, which are then dyed in yellow, pin, blue, and green. White pushpins are unpigmented to showcase the moon-like luminescence of the Akoi shell. These shell flowers are affixed to sharp made-in-Hiroshima pins.

All colors have a natural iridescence that adds a sparkle to any space.
Pins come in an assorted box including one of each of the five colors.

Flower Push Pin (Mother-of-Pearl) / TOMOI Co., LTD. × Meikodo Co., Ltd.
Producing Regions : Nara × Hiroshima

【TOMOI Co., LTD.】 Kawanishi Town, Nara

Kawanishi Town, Nara Prefecture is the largest producer of shellfish buttons in Japan, even though it is a land without the sea.

The six rivers that flow through the town brought boat transportations from Osaka, and shell button manufacture became an important source of income for people in this town especially during the agriculture off-seasons.

Tomoi was founded here in 1913.

Their technology, acquired through years of experience in the manufacturing of shell buttons, has won the trust of the global fashion industry.

【Meikodo Co., Ltd.】Hiroshima

Meikodo makes sewing pins and special pins.
Rigorous quality control ensures unified thickness and length of pins, and their ability to pierce cloth with ease.

Product Size

※All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.

Length 14mm
Shell Flower Diameter 12mm
Pin Length 7mm
Pin’s Thickness 0.6mm
Quantity 5 pcs

Handling Precautions

  • Cork board Gypsum board Please use for thin veneer walls or transparent cutting mats for dressmaking. If you use it on wood or hard materials, it will be a burden and the shell buttons may crack, the needles may break, or the parts may come off.
  • Because it is a slender needle, the needle may break if you push it gently or apply excessive force.
  • As the needles change over time, the color becomes darker and the texture increases as they are used.
  • Shell buttons vary in thickness and warpage, so the needles may appear distorted.
  • Since the shell button is a natural material, there are individual differences in the shape and texture of the color surface. Please enjoy it as a texture.
  • Do not place in a hot place.
  • The needle tip is sharp and dangerous, so be careful when handling lost needles.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.